The Koyal Collection

Pure, Toxin-Free Skincare


In India, the Koyal bird is revered for its beautiful sound. According to folklore, the appearance of a Koyal bird is a signal of imminent monsoon rain. While the Koyal bird signifies relief after a hot dry season, Koyal Beauty is a skin care brand that signifies the moisturizing and hydrating relief your skin has been waiting for.

We partner with LivClean.

Koyal Beauty is proud to announce our commitment to the planet.

In partnership with LivClean, we are supporting forest conservation and tree planting initiatives that aim to protect native species woodlands, capture carbon and wildlife habitats, for generations to come. Recognized as a leading solution in the fight against rising CO2 levels worldwide, forests trap carbon dioxide in their bark, wood and roots.

LivClean is a fully transparent, recognized carbon offset retailer with third party verification, ensuring that our contribution is making a world of difference.

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