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Koyal Beauty products are: 

Why Koyal?

In India, the Koyal bird is revered for its beautiful sound. According to folklore, the appearance of a Koyal bird is a signal of imminent monsoon rain.

While the Koyal bird signifies relief after a hot dry season, Koyal Beauty is a skin care brand that signifies skin care relief. 

Koyal's Commitments

We are committed to delivering affordable, high-performance skin care to hydrate, restore and replenish skin.

  • Leaping Bunny

    Cruelty-Free Products.

    For us, integrity comes first. It’s our responsibility to protect all living beings and leave this planet a better place. That’s why Koyal Beauty products are Leaping Bunny Certified. In other words, none of our products are tested on animals.

  • Conscious Consumerism.

    We hold ourselves accountable for reducing our carbon footprint and making incremental improvements every year. We are committed to using recycled packaging and offsetting our carbon footprint by supporting forest conservation and tree planting initiatives with LivClean.

  • No Suspect Ingredients - Ingredient knowledge is power.

    We are transparent and do not believe in fear-mongering. We do not include suspect ingredients in our products and believe in empowering you to use third-party, trusted resources to make informed decisions.

Meet the Founder

I know first hand that healthy skin goes beyond just a skin barrier. Stress, information overload, and complicated skincare routines can sometimes cause more harm than good. Koyal Beauty is all about simple, yet effective skincare. And we’re here as your daily reminder that you and your routine are enough, no matter what your skin feels like.

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